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Our Goal:

Helping You Get to and Through

Retirement Successfully!

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Why Choose Hill & Hill Financial, LLC ?

We create advanced retirement strategies to grow, protect, and distribute your assets efficiently and wisely.

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Building a Better Retirement

At Hill & Hill Financial, LLC, we believe in making advanced, integrated strategies easily accessible for everyone. A financial plan for retirement should provide a clear blueprint for your future. Building a future-proof financial house is a comprehensive process that begins with a strong foundational framework designed to support and protect your lifestyle now and into retirement.


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Are you struggling with – incomplete conversations, inattention and inaccuracy?
Have you been told that you don’t have enough assets to be considered a valid client with other financial firms?
Are you ready to speak with a seasoned financial professional who takes every case, personally?
Our Proprietary Approach will help prepare you for retirement and guide you through retirement.

We provide:

  • Complete Conversations:  Product discussions and investment strategies that address your personal needs and goals for retirement.
  • Personal Attention:  Dedicated time with our founder to create a personalized blueprint for your retirement plan.
  • Accurate Information:  You will be provided with all the data, facts and figures to make an informed decision about your future.

The Four Pillars of Retirement


Investing and Income

Make sure you never run out of income.

Risk Management

Avoid investments that could put your hard-earned money at risk

Estate Planning

Be sure that those you love inherit your assets!


Don’t pay more in taxes than is absolutely required.

Why Hill & Hill Financial, LLC?

You Deserve a Full-Service Wealth Preservation & Distribution Firm

Hill & Hill Financial, LLC is an independent wealth preservation and distribution firm that specializes in creating financial planning blueprints for retirement and provides the experienced hands-on guidance you need to construct and maintain a future-proof retirement plan.

Through an objective, client-first approach, we are committed to providing ongoing education and a comprehensive planning experience to help you grow, protect and distribute your assets wisely and efficiently.

Our Goal:

Helping you get to and through retirement successfully.

Morgan D. Hill  Photo

Morgan D. Hill

CEO and Founder
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Morgan D. Hill

Morgan D. Hill

CEO and founder

Following his passion for wealth preservation and desire to help others future-proof their assets against the ebbs and tides of market fluctuations, Morgan D. Hill entered the financial services industry to disrupt the status quo with his proprietary wealth preservation system he calls The Four Pillars of Retirement ™.

Long ago, Morgan recognized that individuals often receive inconsistent or incomplete information when preparing for retirement. As the CEO and founder of Hill & Hill Financial, LLC, Morgan ensures all our clients receive complete conversations so they can feel confident in the future strength of their investments. Morgan can tackle your most difficult issues and removes complexity so you can make better informed decisions.

Morgan identifies solutions that can help maximize retirement income, manage risk, and create successful estate planning solutions while minimizing the creation of taxable events.   Morgan’s signature planning process has proven itself over the years and can be found within the pages of his popular book, "Building a Better Retirement."

Morgan brings comprehensive and knowledgeable expertise as a Certified Trust and Estate Specialist, Certified Tax Specialist. He is able to provide full-services solutions utilizing a dynamic range of financial tools through his life and health license along with FINRA Series 6, 22, and State 62, 63 and 65 securities licenses. is a graduate of Oklahoma State University.

Holly S. Hill  Photo

Holly S. Hill

CFO and Founder
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Holly S. Hill

Holly S. Hill 


Holly S. Hill is a seasoned professional in the area of business management and administration. As the CFO of Hill & Hill Financial, LLC, Holly has spent many years managing the day-to-day operations, building her team, and managing HR, Finance, and Marketing. Her main objective is to ensure that all interactions at Hill & Hill Financial, LLC, are provided with professionalism, urgency and kindness.

Holly is a graduate of Georgia State University. Together with her husband and business partner, Morgan D. Hill, they work to guide clients to and through retirement successfully. Holly enjoys hiking, traveling and spending time with loved ones.

Rachel J. Baker Photo

Rachel J. Baker

Chief Operations Officer
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Rachel J. Baker

Rachel J. Baker

chief operations officer 

Rachel J. Baker is a fiduciary advisor and holds a life and health insurance license, as well as a Series 6 and Series 65. She works closely with Morgan Hill developing income plans, processing alternative investments, and managed money investments. Recognizing the critical importance of financial planning, Rachel takes great pride in helping clients live the retirement they’ve dreamed of.
 Rachel is a graduate of Seton Hall University and a recipient of the prestigious Horatio Alger National Scholarship. Her passion for helping others also fuels her participation in a number of organizations. When not working, she enjoys traveling, reading, interior design, and cooking and eating great food with her husband Gary Baker and their three children.

Tara Small Photo

Tara Small

Director of Insurance Services
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Tara Small

Tara Small

Director of Insurance Services

As Director of Insurance Services, Tara Small possesses years of specialized knowledge in many areas of insurance services. She is known as a results oriented team member and problem solver for our clients whether they need general account services, RMD requests from their insurance policies, partial withdrawals or beneficiary updates.

Tara holds a life and health insurance license and earned her degree in Economics from Western Washington University. In her free time, Tara is an avid advocate for animal rescues and loves being outside, playing tennis and doing puzzles with her family.

Donna Biddiscombe Photo

Donna Biddiscombe

Director of Investment Services
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Donna Biddiscombe

Donna Biddiscombe

director of investment services

As an advisor assistant, Donna Biddiscombe assists clients with applications, portal access, distributions and other client services activities. Donna loves working both with numbers and people and is inspired by Hill & Hill’s desire to serve clients with value and commitment.

She has a B.S. from Clemson University in mechanical engineering. When not at work, she is involved in her church as a middle school youth leader. She and her husband have raised four boys, and she enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, playing tennis or with a good book.

Pat Oare  Photo

Pat Oare

Office Manager Chattanooga
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Pat Oare

Pat Oare 

office manager 

Pat started her career working for automobile dealerships before moving on to a large Atlanta-based corporation where she completed an impressive 36-year career in office administration and purchasing. After retiring, Pat served as an interpretive guide for a North Georgia historical site and worked part-time at a local church.

Pat enjoyed retirement but missed the satisfaction that comes from contributing to a team environment. Pat now enjoys scheduling client appointments and assisting with operations at the Chattanooga office while still enjoying part time retirement.

When Pat is not working, she enjoys time with her children and grandchildren. She also loves traveling, reading and attending social engagements with her friends, as well as oil painting.

Joyce Cole  Photo

Joyce Cole

Administrative Assistant Woodstock
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Joyce Cole

Joyce Cole 


Before joining Hill & Hill Financial LLC as a semi-retired staff member, Joyce spent much of her career teaching, tutoring and caring for children. She received her degree from Camden County College and studied at Thomas Edison State University. Her patience and care have translated seamlessly to our company by helping with communications, administrative functions and marketing support.

Joyce’s kind spirit and willingness to assist with all aspects of the business makes her a special part of the “behind the scenes” team. Outside of work, Joyce enjoys reading, going for walks, family dinners and volunteering.

Kelli Seymour Photo

Kelli Seymour

Client Services Assistant
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As Client Services Assistant, Kelli Seymour is one of the friendly faces you will see in the Chattanooga location.  She assists both Hill & Hill staff and clients with address and appointment changes, service communications, reports and statements. She acts as a liaison between the investment team and clients to ensure all needed Client Service activities are completed in a timely manner.  

Kelli is a native of Chattanooga and a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a degree in Office Management. When not working, she enjoys reading, watching Tennessee sports and the Atlanta Braves. She and her husband Frank are the Activities Directors for the Senior Adults in their church and she is also on the media team.  Together they have one son. 

Christy Thomas Photo Christy Thomas Hover Photo

Christy Thomas

Operations Assistant
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As the Operations Assistant, Christy Thomas prepares and organizes all the information needed for client appointments with Morgan Hill. Her role also includes assisting the Investment Team by working closely with the Director of Insurance Services to process requests and follow up on cases. Christy is naturally driven and organized and she has a passion to serve others. This combination is on display daily as she successfully completes her tasks at Hill & Hill.  

Christy graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a degree in Pre-law and a minor in Philosophy. Christy lives in Woodstock, Georgia with her high school sweetheart husband and their two children who are both very active in sports. When she is not thriving at Hill & Hill Financial, you can find her leading worship at her church or coaching basketball. In her free time, Christy loves to share her Christian faith, hike, travel, workout, and spend time with her family.

Our Services

Piggy banks

Today’s Retirement Crisis

During our more than 2 decades assisting hundreds of families with their retirement plans, we have discovered a significant retirement crisis ravaging family wealth, nationwide.

Feeding into this uncertain economic landscape are 3 avoidable culprits. 

These are:

  1. Inattention from advisors
  2. Incomplete conversations
  3. Inaccurate information

The Four Pillars of Retirement

Morgan Hill and the Hill & Hill team have designed a proprietary financial planning process called The Four Pillars of Retirement™.

Within Morgan’s popular book, Building a Better Retirement, our coordinated process simplifies and integrates all the most important areas of your finances, including Investing and Income, Risk Management, Estate Planning, and Taxes

Pillar #1: Investing and Income

Make sure you never run out of income. 

When you are concerned about creating consistent income in retirement, wild market volatility can quickly derail your plans and income needs, especially over the span of a 20-to-30-year retirement. Without proper planning, this can lead to one of the greatest fears facing today’s retirees—outliving your money. Our most essential responsibility to you as the first fundamental pillar of retirement, is to create a reliable and consistent stream of income throughout retirement.

We help you accomplish this by:

  • Creating an Income Plan - A written income plan that tells you where your income is coming from, and when you will begin to access it, provides you with a realistic expectation and secure roadmap to sustain you through multiple decades of retirement.
  • Maximizing Social Security - As the largest stream of income for most retirees, choosing a strategy that maximizes your benefits can make a tremendous difference to support your retirement income goals.
  • Ensuring Stability of Your Investment Income - Our Complete Portfolio Investment Strategy allocates and diversifies your savings into three different spheres of investments to balance growth, liquidity and asset preservation.

Pillar #2: Risk Management

Avoid investments that could put your hard-earned money at risk.

As we begin putting your retirement house in order, we will consider your risk tolerance level, and make data-based recommendations against investments that may not be worth taking. Especially those that could be catastrophic to the longevity of your life savings.

Examples include:

  • Losing money due to dramatic downturns in the stock market that could lessen the amount of income or number of retirement years your savings can support.
  • Losing a pension when a spouse unexpectedly passes away that could mean a dramatic change in quality of life without a backup plan.
  • Losing your life savings to a significant healthcare event for one or both spouses that could burn-through resources, particularly for supporting the healthy spouse later on.
Losing your retirement savings by living longer than expected compounded by the need for hired caregivers for activities of daily living.

Each of these areas can threaten to deplete your savings prematurely if not addressed in your financial plan. Within the second pillar to retirement planning, we provide a 10-point assessment to help evaluate your longevity risk and then deliver a proactive plan with coverage options to help manage future risk.

Pillar #3: Estate Planning

Be sure those you love inherit your assets!

We have discovered that very few people actually have a clearly defined estate plan for disposition of their assets and personal belongings. Many people either haven’t found the time to put a plan together or are just confused about where to begin.

It is important to recognize that different assets convey to different people in different ways. Because of this, we treat estate planning as the third pillar of retirement, and we provide the education you need to feel confident in choosing a plan that maximizes the value of your assets and preserves them for your intended recipients.

To do this, we have created The Balanced Estate Planning Model© to help identify the 3 primary types of property that you can own and the 3 best ways these assets can transfer when you pass away. By completing this exercise together, we can help ensure your estate passes to the right folks, at the right time, in the right way.

Pillar #4: Taxes

Don’t pay more in taxes than is absolutely required. 

The fourth and final pillar of retirement planning is taxes because it's not just about what you make, but what you keep! Given the overwhelming national debt that continues to grow with interest, it is hard to deny that there is a very real possibility of tax increases during the next 2 to 3 decades and during your retirement. This, along with confusion surrounding the IRS tax code, taxes have become a maze of complexity that can be challenging to navigate.

Hill & Hill can help you utilize legitimate tax strategies to future-proof more of your hard-earned money. To get your retirement house in order, you need advanced tax planning tactics normally used by businesses and non-profits that may not be widely understood or utilized by the general public.

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